Why use FlexiPay?


  • Offers

    We syndicate offers across affiliate networks in order to provide the best and most profitable solution

  • Time is money

    Rather than having to come up with landing pages, split testing, optimizing everything yourself, you can get started making money within 15 minutes.

  • Dedicated support

    We are a small but dedicated network. We're available on Skype 16 hours a day and usually answer within 5 minutes.

  • Quick approval process

    We all know, the moment you sign up - you wanna get started earning money. We perfectly understand this mindset which is why we look through applications on a daily basis. Generally, we'll reply to an application on the same day.

  • We handle the heavy stuff

    We handle the unique unlocking code generation, fraud detection etc. All you gotta do is to request a code using our simple API and send your visitor to the corresponding link

  • Optimized landing pages

    We are constantly split testing and optimizing our unlocking code landing pages in order to provide you with the best earnings

  • Flexible

    We are very flexible, both in regards to payment schedules but also in regards to custom features etc. Simply contact us and we can work whatever issues you have out.

  • Simple API

    Even though our API is very simple, we have examples in most languages. If you still are having issues, we don't mind helping you getting started through a personal support.