Frequently asked


I have completed an offer but my code is not unlocking

This can happen from time to time. There can be multiple reasons to why the offer isn't marked as completed.

It generally happens if you use fake information so make sure to only use REAL information when completing offers.

If you still can't unlock an offer then simply try another offer!

The code didn't work on the referring site.

If your code did NOT work on the site that asked you to retrieve the code then please contact us with the link to the code.

It might be a publisher who have implemented our system incorrectly, however we take this very serious, as our #1 guarantee is that our codes WORK every time.

The code worked but I didn't get the content that was promised from the 3rd party site

Please understand that we only are offering unlocking codes and thus we're not directly responsible for the content provided by our publishers as long as the codes themselves work.

Our general guideline is that every partner must provide what is promised, however as we're only responsible for the unlocking codes, it'd be better if you contacted the third party site directly in order to receive your content.

If you've purchased a code then keep in mind that we only refund payments in the situation that we were unable to deliver the code due to technical issues. Thus, in this case, you are not eligible for a refund.

If your question wasn't answered here then feel free to contact us.